Rother Valley 10k 2012
5th     Gareth Lowe                  33:19
Lincoln 10k
2nd        Andy Ward                   30:28
268th      Matt Russell                  41:23
Mark Waller                   47:26
1757th    Paul Summerly             50:16
1743rd    Barrie Williams             52:56
Tickhill 5.1m XC
55th    John Proffitt                  43:20  
Wirksworth Incline
18th 31.39 Stuart Platts
28th 32.21 Daniel Keeling
29th 32.35 David Leese
44th 34.27 Dennis Learad
50th 35.20 Roger Fokinther
55th 36.06 Stephen Radford
70th 39.09 Andrea Walker
76th  41.22 Graham Sheen
77th 41.44 Deborah Leese
78th 41.54 Dave Keeling
85th  45.46 Julie Keeling
Silkstone Shuffle Multi Terrain 4.5 (race 1/4)
60th   Dennis Learad 00:33:43 1st O/60 (Pic left)
Rossington Gallop Pics below
24        Dan Keeling            44:42
53        Steven Radford       49:24
120        Richard Carter       55:29
143        Dave Keeling         58:03
147        Deborah Leese      58:14
Salford 10k
3rd Andy Ward 30m 14s
Belvoir 1/2m
56th Paul Sadler 1h 28m 07s
Coledale Horseshoe 2012
Dennis Learad 01:57:03
Paris Marathon
Richard Stoker  3h 25m 37s
Derwent Dambuster 10m
1st    Darren King            00:58:46
13th    Ged Naylor           01:10:30
68th    Paul Summerley    01:25:16
103rd    John Proffit          01:32:10
Kinder Downfall
8th Lewis Banton  1:15:58  
Lord Mayors 10k 2012
36 Scott Ramsden 41:33
85 Dan Keeling 45:11
125 Mark Waller 48:33
3 Peaks Fell Race
Lewis Banton and Simon Sleney ran in the Three Peaks Fell Race which is over 24
miles and 5,500 ft of accent on Saturday in gale force winds. Lewis finished in
a time of 3hr 26mins dispite pulling a hamstring in the first few miles and
Simon finished in 4hr 15mins.
Underwood 10k
34th     Keeling, Dan   43:46
77th    Chambers Matthew 48:47
149th   Keeling, Dave 57:07
191st   Keeling, Julie 65:42
196th   Massingham, Sarah-Jane 70:28
West Highland Fling 53 mile ultra Race
169th Steven Battle 11:24:55
300th Steve Jordan 12:49:49
358th Natalie Turner   14:49:43
Manchester Marathon 2012
David Leese 3h 42m 03s
Holymoorside 10k
1  00:36:25 DARREN KING
13  00:40:57 DAVID HAZELTON  
23  00:43:45 PAUL SADLER  
31  00:45:30 STEVE HATTERSLEY  
35  00:45:46 DAVID LEESE  
47  00:46:42 DENNIS LEARAD  
58  00:47:03 DAN KEELING  
59  00:47:04 CHRIS LANE
69  00:48:14 MARK WALLER  
71  00:48:16 ROGER FOKINTHER  
83  00:49:35 GEMMA SCOUGAL  
92  00:50:26 STEVE RADFORD  
122  00:52:46 LOUISE LOWE  
151  00:55:20 ANDREA WALKER  
177  00:57:49 DEBORAH LEESE  
202  01:00:54 GRAHAM SHEEN  
207  01:01:25 DAVE KEELING  
Open Adventure 2 day adventure race at Coniston
1st male pairs category   Andy Innes & Chris Stout
Day 1
2hr run stage
4.5hr bike stage
1.5hr Night Nav
Day 2
Trail run from Coniston to the summit of the old man
of coniston then along to whirl hawse and back down
to coniston
1.5hr canoe stage on coniston water
The Berlin 25k
John Proffitt, along with over 11,000 runners taking part, ran The Big Berlin 25k in a time of 2:20:34, the race
started on the approaches to the Berlin Olympic stadium and after 10k passed under The Brandenberg Gate it
then continued back to The Olympic Stadium.   The approach back into The Stadium was absolutely amazing, the
thrill of running on the running track in a 80,000 seater  stadium is something I will remember for a Very long
time.  I finished 7th over 70.  A very well organised race and one I would highly recommend, so if any club
member wants any advice as to enter and visit Berlin just ask me, it's very easy to get there and DO it!!!
Burbage Skyline
92      Simon Gregory        00:49:29
218    Steve Hattersley     00:56:32
272    Steve Radford         01:01:49
Carl Thackeray Evening Click on Pics for larger image