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Ran a good race?
Found a great course?
Let everyone know.
Email me and I will put it on the Race Journal page.
For those that could not make the recent meeting regarding the Floodlights.  

The Floodlights have been passed by the membership to purchase from clubs funds.  
There will be a fee (agreed by the membership) for all members taking part in the Thursday night
training sessions, charges as follows:
In paid employment
£2 per session
£75 per annum

Not in payed employment/youth/retired

Multiple members of the same family
If two or more members from the same family partake in a training session at the same time, only
one set of charge will be applicable.
The fee's stated above will start as soon as the Floodlights are available.
Is it that time again?
Its the only thing that keeps me sane, I maintain
Yes, its 7 O'Clock
I eagerly put my key in the lock

We are all set and eager to run
Putting our trainers on and lets go have some fun!
Its warm up time for a few laps
Lets hope we all can run fast without any mishaps

There's Lee, John, Dennis to name but a few
And Andy telling us what to do
Michelle, Louise and Debs going so fast
And Emma fighting with Suzy not to be last.

Gareth and Darren are so speedy
They leave us all feeling queasy
Lets not forget the others too
Who train so hard to win through

A big thank you to our coach
Lets keep running as I can see Mel on the approach

Lets keep trying to make Clowne Runners proud
As Les continues to shout 'dig deep' so loud
We are all doing so great
Lets keep working within our heart rate!

Thanks to Alice for the Poem!
                     Club Meetings 2014

August 1st, 1830 hours committee, 1930 hours main meeting

October 3rd, 1930 hours

November 7th, 1830 hours, committee meeting only

December 5th, 1930 hours